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Proposals for the better protection for tenants

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation aimed at giving private tenants better protection and improved services.

It is hoped that the proposals contained in the consultation will also help improve the system for the vast majority of private landlords who provide a good service to tenants.

The consultation is based on the work of the Private Rented Sector Strategy Group, supported by the Scottish Government over the past six months.

Proposals include:

* A simpler, more targeted regulatory system for the private rented sector, focusing enforcement action on those landlords who give tenants a poor deal, cause safety and management concerns and tarnish the image of the sector.

* Increased effective partnership working between a range of public services such as housing, social work, education and police to identify and prosecute exploitative and unprofessional landlords.

* Help for landlords and communities dealing with tenants who engaged in anti-social behaviour.

* Achieving quicker and more effective justice for tenants and landlords in dispute through reform of the courts and consideration of the role of a new housing panel model.

"This is a big step in the right direction to create a 21st century private rented sector based on the foundations of security, fairness and affordability, said Graeme Brown, Director of Shelter Scotland. "We welcome the proposed introduction of a simpler, more targeted regulatory system and believe that responsible landlords will rise to the challenge of regulation to raise standards.

Views are sought by 10th July 2012.

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