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Trainee CPD (TCPD)

The Law Society of Scotland’s new route to qualification “Professional Education and Training” (PEAT 1 and PEAT 2) took effect on 1 September 2011.

PEAT 2 replaces the former traineeship. Under PEAT 2, trainees are no longer required to complete the PCC course, but instead must undertake 60 hours of TCPD over the course of the two year training contract.

The WS Society is licensed to provide TCPD. We are developing a practical and interactive TCPD programme for delivery in 2012. The WS Society will also continue to provide the PCC course during the transitional period to September 2013, for training organisations who elect to continue to follow this route.

Certain requirements have been set out in relation to the 60 hours of TCPD:-

  • 40 hours must be provided by an “authorised provider” (such as the WS Society),
  • 20 hours must be taken in addition to those 40 hours, but do not need to be provided by an “authorised provider”,
  • 30 hours must be completed by month 15 of the traineeship, and
  • A mandatory ethics course (of 4 or more hours) must be undertaken between months 9 and 15 of PEAT 2.

Aside from the mandatory ethics component, the TCPD regime is characterised by its complete flexibility. It is up to the trainee, after discussions with their training provider, to design the 60 hours of TCPD. TCPD should be tailored to suit the individual trainee’s needs. TCDP should address areas that will best assist the trainee to meet the standard of the qualifying solicitor.

The WS Society is also developing an innovative approach to ethics training (subject to Law Society of Scotland approval) which will be available from June 2012.

The WS Society will offer TCPD in fundamental skills suitable for all trainees and technical courses specific to a range of practice areas.

We can help design a trainee’s individual programme with input from the training provider.

The WS Society has been consulting with PEAT 2 training providers to ensure the TCPD programme will meet the needs of training providers and trainees. We are pleased to offer guidance to training providers on the new regime.

If you would like to discuss PEAT 2, TCPD or other areas of professional development, please do not hesitate to contact Anna Bennett on 0131 220 3249 or