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Governance and management

Keeper of the Signet

The Keeper of the Signet is Lord Mackay of Clashfern, KT.


The WS Society is governed by its Council comprising the Deputy Keeper, Clerk and other office bearers (5 in number) and 21 WS members who serve for a 3 year term. The Council meets quarterly each year. The Deputy Keeper, Clerk and Office Bearers are elected positions.

Office Bearers

There are seven persons appointed to positions of special responsibility within the Society, collectively referred to as the office bearers. These are the Deputy Keeper of the Signet (the most senior appointment), the Clerk (building and contents and other affairs), the Treasurer (finance), the Fiscal (legal advice), the Collector of the Dependants' Annuity Fund (administration of the annuity fund), the Convener of the Education Committee (education) and the Convener of the Library Committees (library).

Management Board

The business of the Society is conducted by a Management Board which is accountable to the Council. The Management Board consists of the Deputy Keeper and the other office bearers and the Society's Chief Executive, its most senior employee. The Board meets monthly.


The Council and Management Board are advised by the Society's Knowledge Services Committee. The Committee meets half-yearly.

The Chair and Deputy Chair of the Knowledge Services Committees are both office bearers ex officio.

Other committees are appointed by the Council from time to time to advise on specific matters, e.g., a Buildings Group advises on the maintenance of the Signet Library building.


The Chief Executive heads an executive team of employed personnel, including the Director of Information Services and Librarian, the Director of Legal Support Services, Membership Manager and Events Manager.

Organisation charts

Government and management organisation chart

Governance and management

Executive organisation chart