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WS Financial Crime Seminar 2016

Scottish businesses are becoming increasingly attuned to the damage that corrupt practices can cause to commerce, competitiveness and growth. The WS Financial Crime Seminar provides an essential update on policy, legislation, investigations and case-law in this area. The seminar includes a case study to demonstrate the variety of issues which arise on the infiltration of a Scottish company by financial crime. ... more

WS Employment Law Conference

WS Employment Law Conference 24 September 2015 9.00am Ė 1.00pm Signet Library, Edinburgh The annual WS Employment Law Conference returns on 24 September 2015. Leading legal experts will present technical sessions on recent legislative and case law developments followed by an interactive panel discussion on the issues likely to have the most critical impact on employee relations in the next ten years ... more

In conversation with Professor Peter Butt

Professor Peter Butt, Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Sydney, will be in conversation with Philip Rodney WS, Chairman, Burness Paull on Wednesday 9 September...... more

WS Property Law Conference 2015

Professor Donald MacRae OBE will open this year's WS Property Law Conference, with his views on the future of the Scottish property market. Professor MacRae is Chief Economist with Lloyds Banking Group Scotland, responsible for monitoring the Scottish economy.... more

WS Commercial Litigation Conference 2015

Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs, will open this year's WS Commercial Litigation Conference with his views on promoting the justice system to the Scottish business community. The Honourable Lord Doherty will then deliver the keynote speech,... more


The WS Society is Scotland's independent association for lawyers and one of the oldest professional bodies in the world with over 500 years of history. Today the Society supports the latest generation of lawyers and legal businesses, with professional support lawyer (PSL) and research services, training, accreditation, networking and events.

The Society's home, The Signet Library, is the iconic building for Scottish solicitors, adjacent to Scotlandís Supreme Courts complex. It is a superb facility for working and an outstanding venue for corporate and social events.

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Legal News

Summary sheriff appointments made

The Scottish Government has announced the appointment of Scotlandís first summary sheriffs. The new judicial office, created by The Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014, is part of the Governmentís reform of the judicial system... more

Reforming the framework for UK elections

An interim report published by the Law Commissions of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland has recommended the creation of a new, modern and rational legal framework to govern the conduct of elections and referendums.... more

Trade secrets reform progresses

A provisional deal on new rules to help firms win legal redress against theft or misuse of their trade secrets was endorsed by the European Parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee last week. ... more

End to automatic prison release

New laws ending the current system of automatic early release from prison for the most serious offenders are now in effect. The change means no long-term prisoner in Scotland will be eligible for automatic release after two thirds of their sentence.... more

Succession (Scotland) Bill passed

The Scottish Parliament has passed the Succession (Scotland) Bill, which will significantly reform succession laws, including the effects of divorce, dissolution or annulment on a will.... more