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Appointment of new Lord Justice Clerk

Following the appointment of Rt Hon Lord Gill as Lord President, the First Minister has established a selection panel to make recommendations for a new Lord Justice Clerk.

The appointment process began on 20th June and applications are invited by 4th July 2012.

The selection panel will interview short listed candidates and make a report to the First Minister with their recommendations shortly after that.

The selection panel membership will be chaired by Sir Muir Russell (Chair), Chair of the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland and will also include Rt. Hon Lord Gill, Lord President; Elspeth MacArthur, Lay member of the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland; and Hon Lady Dorrian - Senator (Outer House).

The office of Lord Justice Clerk is the second most senior judicial office in Scotland and the office holder is the President of the Second Division of the Inner House.

Eligibility for appointment is open to:

* Serving Court of Session Judges;

* Sheriffs principal and sheriffs who have held continuous office for at least five years;

* Solicitors who have had rights of audience in both the Court of Session and the High Court of Justiciary for a continuous period for at least five years;

* Advocates of at least five years standing; and

* Writers of the Signet of 10 years’ standing who have passed an examination in civil law set by the Faculty of Advocates two years before appointment.

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